Emg 35JCS 4 String Bass Pickup 35 JCS Black NOS

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Selling as used but item is unopened. We purchased the remaining stock from a music store that went out of business.

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The EMG 35JCS is our JCS pickup in our extended range housing. This pickup utilize ceramic magnets with steel pole pieces for a smooth top end. This twist on jazz bass tone, gives players a much warmer sound and a smoother attack with less high end presence. The 35JCS is less bright than most traditional sounding J pickups and is a great choice for someone looking for a deep, rich sound. This pickup offer warm jazz bass tones with the benefits of EMG's quiet, low impedance preamp. Intended for 4 string basses that have a maximum string spacing of 2.625 inches, this model is housed within a 35 extended series cover cap that is 3.5 inches (89mm).